Monday, April 16, 2018

Anthology of short films. Part 15.

Anthology of short films. Part 15.
 The fifteenth issue of a collection of short films, three mini-movies including one musical.
1. Keshka i boroda / Keshka and beard.
A funny comedy about a bearded boy.
Director: Boris Berzner.
Byelorussia, 1993.
2. Even Kids Started Small.
It seemed just like any other sunny day at school. The young students showed up on time and sat quietly, waiting for the teachers to start class. But this day was meant to be different. The deafening silence inside the school seemed odd as the headmaster walked down the corridor - she could actually hear the morning birds chirping outside. She could feel this was going to be a strange day. By the end of the first hour it was clear that this was a trap. With no way to understand what's happening, the teachers discover that the school, which is for them to rule, has become a prison. And the kids - they are no longer students, but a kind of a unified occupation army. After the shock of the first hour, they realize that to survive the day, they will have to fight back. Separated from each other and not sure what to do, the grownups, once called teachers, now struggle to free themselves from this horrific nightmare. Will they succeed? Will they figure out a way to win back their long lost...
Director: Yaniv Berman.
Cast: David Azulay, Itay Bar, Yuval Berman, Yariv Gotlib, Tania Hedenfeldt, Neriya Lister.
Israel, 2006.
3. Scratch Massive feat Koudlam - Waiting for a Sign.
The stars of the French electronic scene Scratch Massive filmed song «Waiting for a Sign» from their last studio album «Nuit de Reve», published in 2011. Clip for the song with the participation of children was shot in Thailand. Vocals for a track recorded French artist and producer Koudlam.
Director: Edouard Salier.
France, 2011.
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Anthology of short films. Part 15.
Anthology of short films. Part 15.