Saturday, January 28, 2017

Mi faccio la barca. 1981.

Ты - лицо корабля / Mi faccio la barca. 1981.Ты - лицо корабля / Mi faccio la barca. 1981.
As an ex-husband, his wife and their two children take a vacation on the ex's new yacht, the scene is set for disaster when it becomes clear that the ex-husband knows absolutely nothing about yachting. The crew quickly find out that the Mediterranean has its own challenges, and the wife discovers her particular nemesis in a thoroughly unlikeable playboy who has his sights set a little too firmly on her alone. The interaction between the triad of wife, ex-husband, and playboy reaches a final resolution as the yacht moves closer to its own special fate.
Director: Sergio Corbucci.
Cast: Laura Antonelli, Johnny Dorelli, Marco Massoni, Christian De Sica, Cariddi Nardulli, Itaco Nardulli, Daniela Poggi.
Italy, 1981.
Language: Italian.

Ты - лицо корабля / Mi faccio la barca. 1981.
 Mi faccio la barca. 1981.